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Inside the Ivy: Brown is Going to Rock Your 2018!

The one with Brown scholarships, Harvard fundraising and the Little Man.



Brown is going to rock your 2018! Well, if you go there…

Brown University has confirmed that starting in fall 2018, student loans will be replaced by scholarships.

Forbes reports, “For all Brown-packaged financial aid awards, the Providence, Rhode Island university will replace student loans with scholarship funds (that do not have to be repaid) for all returning and incoming undergraduates starting in the 2018-2019 academic year.”

The decision comes after Brown accomplished its fundraising goal of $30 million launched this past September.

Harvard raises $27,000 for paralyzed football freshman

Harvard affiliates have raised $27,000 at a fundraising event for freshman football player Benson Abercrombie who remains paralyzed after a serious injury.

The Harvard Crimson reports, “Abercrombie suffered a major cervical injury on Sept. 16 in a game against Rhode Island. After spending two months at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta GA, he is still unable to move his limbs or breathe on his own.”

The Harvard Varsity Club started a started a fund for the Abercrombie family two weeks after the athlete’s injury and have raised over $266,000 so far.

Quote of the Week:

Campus journalism does not only reflect what is going on but has to be a catalyst for conversation. Everything from the straight news articles that work as evidence for opinions to the opinion articles that either make you feel heard or inspire you to argue is important to furthering significant conversations in our community.

Ayo Osobamiro, Columbia student on role of campus media


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