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Inside the Ivy: Brown Professor Helps Refugees

No one chose his or her body or their family or their background. I can only judge someone on what they’re doing now.



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Brown professor helps displaced Rohingya refugees

A Brown University professor has dedicated his time to helping the recently displaced Rohingya refugees, a Muslim population that has been expelled from Myanmar, a mostly Buddhist country.

The Brown Daily Herald reports, “Every day, Ruhul Abid, assistant professor of surgery, and his team set up their makeshift tent in Bangladesh and check the height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and hemoglobin levels of around 300 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. Having spent days crossing mountain, sea and jungle, the refugees have little more than the sparse clothes on their backs. One-fifth of them are severely malnourished children under the age of six. Many of the women have been sexually assaulted. None of them has ever received any type of vaccination.”

Abid and his team are identifying people’s diseases, connecting them to health centers and created an electronic system to keep track of every refugee they’ve helped where the Myanmar government had no record of them.


Students of color discuss their struggles at Columbia

While Columbia University campions itself as one of the most diverse schools in the Ivy Leagues, students of color have experienced microaggressions and have felt a need to start a conversation about race among students and faculty.

The Columbia Daily Spectator reports, “These challenges complicate Columbia’s already existing unique stress culture and isolating campus environment. As a result, students of color face a college experience rife with a wider range of difficulties than their white peers face.”

Some training has been initiated, but students say there needs to be more.


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Quote of the Week:

“No one chose his or her body or their family or their background. I can only judge someone on what they’re doing now. We have to look inside.”

– Dydine Umunyana, Rwandan genocide survivor and author of Embracing Survival at a Cornell lecture

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Natalia is a recent graduate of George Mason University where she studied Communication (Journalism concentration) and Global Affairs (Environment concentration) in Fairfax, Virginia. She's looking to enter the media field as a writer and combine her passion of journalism and the environment.

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