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Monday Morning Scoop: Fissures and More Fissures

Plus, news about the University of Florida, Idaho State and Colorado State.

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for May 7, 2018. The danger of living near a volcano became clear in Hawaii this weekend and things got a little rough at the University of Florida graduation over the weekend. And have you heard about Monkey Island?

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Kilauea Aftermath Destroys 26 Homes, Forces 1,700 Evacuations

College Media Network Monday Morning Scoop: Fissures and More Fissures

Lava moves across a road in Leilani Estates in Hawaii. (Image: US Geological Survey)

The aftermath of Thursday’s Kilauea volcano eruption on Hawaii’s Big Island became more dangerous over the weekend, as fissures opened near the volcano, sending lava shooting out of the ground, along with releasing dangerous gas into the atmosphere.

At least 26 homes have been destroyed as of this morning and more than 1,700 residents have been evacuated. Scientists confirmed that Kilauea was likely to release more lava through additional vents, but they were unable to predict where the fissures would open.

University of Florida President Apologizes for ‘Aggressive Ushering’ At Commencement

University of Florida President W. Kent Fuchs apologized for what he called “inappropriately aggressive” treatment of graduates who were deemed to be taking too long on stage at the school’s commencement ceremony this weekend.

Videos posted to social media appeared to show black students who danced or jumped while receiving diplomas being rushed offstage. Twitter user @ChicoFreedom identified one of the ushers and wrote, “Every time a Black student took more than TWO seconds, he aggressively pushed them.”

Fuchs later tweeted that “we will work to make sure all graduating students know we are proud of their achievements and celebrate with them their graduation.”

Idaho State University Fined for Losing Weapons-Grade Plutonium

In a scenario out of Back to the Future, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) proposed an $8,500 fine to Idaho State University for losing track of a gram of weapons-grade plutonium that has been missing since 2004. A statement released by the commission states that three teams conducted a search for the plutonium in October 2017 but was unable to find it.

As CMN Weekend Editor Arianna Lynne says in her report: It’s just some material that can make nuclear bombs!

Today in a Tweet 

Professors are teachers, too. Just sayin’…

College Media Network Monday Morning Scoop: Fissures and More Fissures

Last But Not Least: Colorado State Invites Native American Teens for VIP Campus Tour 

Two Native American brothers who were pulled from a campus tour last week now have the chance to tour the campus in style. In a statement last week, CSU officials said the incident started when “a parent participating in the tour called campus police because she was nervous about the presence of two young men who joined the tour while it was in progress.”

Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, 19, and Skanahwati Lloyd Gray, 17, saved their own money to travel to Colorado and go on the tour and ultimately missed it. CSU did their best to try to make it right on Friday afternoon, tweeting, “CSU welcomes the Gray family to our campus for a VIP tour with all expenses covered.”

Brooklyn Riepma has all the details in her report for CMN. 

This Monday Morning Scoop was compiled from contributions by Natalia KolenkoArianna LynneBrooklyn RiepmaCaitlyn Morral and the CMN Staff. We’ve been jamming to our Summer Starter Kit playlist all weekend and have no plans to stop just because it’s Monday. 

College Media Network Monday Morning Scoop: Fissures and More Fissures

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