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Monday Scoop: Weekend (Immigration) Update

Plus, how often do you clean your phone?

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for June 25, 2018. The immigration crisis is more confusing than ever, but it’s very clear what happened in Turkey. 

We were so excited for the weekend, we made two CMN Vibes playlists on Friday. This one was concerned with what’s beyond the stars. And this one was too, in a way. 

Weekend Update: Immigration Crisis 

College Media Network Monday Scoop: Weekend (Immigration) Update

Enforcing the law — whatever it is today — at the border. (Image: CNN video)

Immigration remains the top story in America this morning. Here’s what happened over the past few days:

  • President Trump says the US should deport anyone crossing the border without any legal proceedings. “When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came,” he tweeted Sunday morning.
  • Protesters flocked to detention centers where children and their parents are being held, in one case blocking the path of a bus.
  • Donations to groups pledging to help those families trying to enter the US have soared, and Jimmy Fallon chipped in, sending money to RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center For Education and Legal Services), after, well, see Today in a Tweet farther down in the Scoop.
  • It’s unclear how many children have been reunited with their parents after an executive order ended the separation policy last week. Observers estimate that at least 2,000 children are still in custody in Texas.
  • Finally, House of Representatives lawmakers worked this weekend, trying to save an immigration overhaul bill that failed late last week. They will try again to pass it this week, but it’s uncertain whether moderate and hard line Republicans will be able to agree.

Erdogan Reelected as President of Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was reelected Sunday, tightening his 15-year grip on the nation after a high stakes election that proved the most challenging yet to his political dominance.

CNN reports, “Erdogan had declared himself the winner before the official results were announced. But the opposition cried foul, claiming that state media and the election commission had manipulated the results and saying it was too early to be sure of the outcome.”

Erdogan will gain sweeping new powers when he resumes office due to the referendum he called last year that transformed the country’s parliamentary system to a powerful executive presidency in what critics call a blatant power grab.

Saudi Arabia Lifted Its Ban on Female Drivers

Just three weeks ago, Saudi Arabia issued its first driver’s licenses to women in preparation of ending the world’s only ban on female drivers.

The ban was officially lifted on Sunday and Saudi women are able to take to the streets in celebration. CMN’s Tamia Heard has a full report, including how car companies reacted to the historic event.

Today in a Tweet

Don’t touch my hair!

College Media Network Monday Scoop: Weekend (Immigration) Update

Last But Not Least: You’re Probably Not Cleaning Your Phone Enough

How often do you clean your phone? If you touch it while you’re eating, you should really clean it every day.

Experts from the University of Michigan and NYU recently weighed in on germs and phones and said a daily cleaning is best, especially if you have a rubber phone case, on which germs tend to cling more than a glass screen.

And oh yeah, don’t ever spray cleaner or disinfectant directly onto your phone. Onto a soft cloth first, K?

Wednesday’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Natalia KolenkoErin WhittenAnna-Maria Rahkonen and Tamia Heard. Excuse us, we have to go clean our phone now. 

College Media Network Monday Scoop: Weekend (Immigration) Update

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