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‘Delco Mom’ Is Taking The Internet, and Philadelphia, By Storm

Aunt Mary Pat: part Eagles fan, part social media star.

“Hey, youse guys! Aunt Mary Pat here.”

Some may have heard this quote from a video that began circulating only hours after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. A hilarious celebratory video was posted on Facebook from the perspective of a “typical Delaware County (Delco) mom.” Who posted the video? That’s the brilliant part.

Meet Troy Hendrickson, a Wilmington based comedian and the mastermind behind the new social media sensation, “Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino.” Delco and Philadelphia locals fell in love with this spoof of a typical Delco mom and began sharing the celebration video entitled “Fly Iggles Fly.” After a day, the video had already received over 10,000 views. Two months later, Hendrickson has accumulated over 280,000 views on the video and nearly 30,000 followers on Aunt Mary Pat’s Facebook page, the home of multiple other videos from Mary Pat’s quirky point of view. Hendrickson then embarked on a new entertainment journey that he never anticipated.

Hendrickson first got inspired to create his first Aunt Mary Pat video after speaking to his mother after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. “I have been impersonating her for years, but I finally made a unique character about her,” Hendrickson said. “[The name] Mary Pat comes from the movie Pretty Woman, and my friend Kaiti thought of DiSabatino.” He recalls how his mother was always “the popular aunt” in his family, so the video idea came very naturally to him.

“I posted the first video my own [Facebook] page, just for fun,” Hendrickson told CMN. “I’ve done videos before, impersonations, news reporting, and such, but never anticipated that it would take off like it did. It’s wild!” After the video began circulating, Hendrickson created Aunt Mary Pat’s own Facebook page and then started gaining many more followers and video views. “I called my best friend Sarah and my mom every time the video hit a new milestone. I was shocked.” Hendrickson told CMN that the names in his videos are inspired by people in his life.

Despite his new trending character, Hendrickson is not new to the entertainment world. “I went to Cab Calloway School of the Arts and Columbia College Chicago for acting and film,” Hendrickson said. “So I’ve always been somewhat of an entertainer.” When he is not posting Aunt Mary Pat videos, he can be found singing karaoke or doing drag. He has worked in Delco and Philadelphia, and regularly performs in the city a few days a week.

Hendrickson is humbled that his calendar has been filling up with events for Aunt Mary Pat. Aunt Mary Pat is embarking on her own “Delco & More Tour,” at various bars in Delco, Philly, South Jersey or Delaware. Another upcoming event is “Aunt Mary Pat’s Telethon for those kids with that thing” which is taking place on May 2 at Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar in Philadelphia. Hendrickson can also be spotted at the comedy event “Problematic” on May 26, with special appearances from Aunt Mary Pat and his drag persona, Miss Troy. Aunt Mary Pat has also attended charity events at Teresa’s in Wayne, PA for the Headstrong Foundation and at Punchline in Philly for the Parkinson’s Council.

CMN had the opportunity to hear from Aunt Mary Pat on what it is like to be a rising social media sensation and what inspires her video topics.

“I just talk about whatever I’m going through that day, hun,” Aunt Mary Pat said. “I got an open mind and a big mouth!” The Delco icon looks forward to working at more charity events in the future. “I’m about to be out there seeing all my new friends.”

“I love connecting with the people out there who are touched by my videos. It makes me so happy to see people happy” Aunt Mary Pat said. “We live in a crazy friggin world, and I ain’t no doctor, but laughter is the best medicine.”

Be sure to stay connected with Hendrickson and Aunt Mary Pat on social media. Look out for appearances and meet-ups at places near you. Hold on to your Eagles jerseys and Wawa hoagies, because Aunt Mary Pat is just getting started.

Facebook: Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino

Instagram: Mary Pat DiSabatino

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