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Thursday Morning Scoop: Golden State Killer

Plus, golden pretzels and the golden Webbys.

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for Thursday, April 26, 2018. A serial killer was arrested in California, which would easily make for a good episode of Cold Case even though that show stopped airing in 2010. Call CBS, we have a pitch!

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Serial Killer Finally Arrested After Forty Years

College Media Network Thursday Morning Scoop: Golden State Killer

A police sketch of the serial killer. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Between 1978 and 1986, the so-called “Golden State Killer” raped forty-six women and murdered twelve people in Northern California, according to The Washington Post. But as authorities searched diligently to find the killer, he stopped committing crimes and disappeared, and the mystery remained unsolved — until this week.

Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested on Tuesday in his home, situated just outside Sacramento, according to the Los Angeles Times. The seventy-two year old former police officer was charged with eight counts of murder after his DNA matched samples left behind by the killer. According to his records, DeAngelo was dismissed from the police force in 1979 for stealing a can of dog repellent and a hammer from a Sacramento drugstore, a story that aligns perfectly with the crimes committed.

Crime writer Michelle McNamara spent years writing articles about the Golden State Killer, a nickname she invented. Although she passed away in 2016, her book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark was published in February by her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt. Officials have been quick to dismiss that McNamara’s book directly led to Tuesday’s arrest, but her surviving friends and family have stated publicly that she deserves some recognition in solving this case. Oswalt told the LA Times, “I think you got him, Michelle.”

Allison Mack of “Smallville” Fame Released on $5M Bond

A federal judge has released “Smallville” actress Allison Mack on a $5 million-dollar bond. Mack has pleaded not guilty to recruiting women to join the secret organization known as Nxivm. Prosecutors claim the group treated women as slaves by providing sexual and financial services for the leaders.

Mack faces charges relating to sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and conspiracy to commit forced labor. New York U.S. District Court Judge Viktor Pohorelsky released Mack but prohibited from using any electronics and can only travel for court appearances and legal meetings. Mack will be electronically monitored while at her parents’ home.

Read Lawrence Lease’s full report here.

VA Nominee Ronny Jackson Withdraws Amid Reports of Misconduct

Early this morning, President Trump’s Veterans Affairs nominee withdrew his candidacy abruptly, according to The Wall Street Journal. The withdrawal follows allegations that Dr. Jackson, former White House physician to Trump, crashed a government vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and gave out prescription drugs without proper paperwork. The allegations were released by Democrats on the Senate Veterans Affairs committee following interviews with over two dozen former colleagues of Jackson.

Despite his withdrawal, Dr. Jackson has stated that these allegations are “completely false and fabricated,” according to CBS News.

Today in a Tweet: National Pretzel Day!

Don’t get yourself in a twist.

College Media Network Thursday Morning Scoop: Golden State Killer

Last But Not Least: The 2018 Webby Awards 

As entertainment increasingly shifts to the digital landscape, the Webby Awards recognizes and celebrates the movers and shakers in media, the innovators eager to craft a bright future through their contributions to film, video, news, and advocacy. On Tuesday, April 24, the winners of the 22nd annual Webby Awards were announced, chosen for their ability to build long-lasting relationships,  pioneer opportunities and amplify unheard voices.

Among the highlights of this year’s show is the Webby Award Person of the Year. Receiving the highly coveted award will be Susan Fowler, who used the Internet to bring global awareness to sexual harassment and sexual assault experienced by women across industries, call for action among tech companies, and to uplift the narratives of women experiencing mistreatment through the #MeToo movement.

Check out Julia Schemmer’s report here.

The Thursday Morning Scoop was compiled by Lawrence LeaseJulia Schemmer, and the CMN Staff. We’re still recovering from the two depressing microwaved quesadillas we ate last night. It’s that time of the year. 

College Media Network Thursday Morning Scoop: Golden State Killer

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