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Tuesday Scoop: Arizona Democrat

ūüć∑ Plus, the #TideWineChallenge is here. Ugh.

The big story…

The Democrats Get a Historic Win in Arizona

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Arizona Democrat

Rep. Krysten Sinema is Arizona’s first female Senator. (image: CBS News video)

Rep. Krysten Sinema will become Arizona’s¬†first Democratic Senator since 1976, beating out Republican Rep. Martha McSally for the seat and becoming the state’s first ever female Senator. This outcome guarantees the Democrats at least 47 seats in the Senate as there are still recounts and runoffs in Florida and Mississippi, respectively. Sinema‚Äôs victory serves as evidence that Democrats are continuing to gain momentum in the Sun Belt and makes Arizona a key state in the presidential and Senate races.

In national news…

Death Toll Rises in California Wildfires

The death toll in the California wildfires has risen to 42, leaving thousands of structures destroyed and hundreds of people still missing. President Trump has declared the wildfires a major disaster, despite his earlier resistance to the state receiving more federal funds. While first responders are still working on containing the fires, officials have been investigating possible causes. One possible contender? A down power line.

In technology…

Samsung Announces New Foldable Phones

Samsung has announced the release of the Galaxy F, a foldable phone, which will hit the shelves next March and go for as much as $1,770, giving the iPhone X a run for its money (literally).

In Silicon Valley…

Other Companies End Forced Arbitration After Google Walkout

After thousands of Google employees walked out in protest of the company’s sexual misconduct policy, Google vowed to overhaul the policy and end forced arbitration ‚ÄĒ¬†a policy that handles employee complaints internally and privately, avoiding the court system. This week other tech companies, including¬†Airbnb, eBay, and Facebook, have announced that they will also end forced arbitration.

In education…

Japanese Medical School Overhauls Sexist Admissions Policy

After years of¬†lowering female applicants’ test scores¬†to give an advantage to male applicants, Tokyo Medical University has promised to end the sexist policy and offered admission to 101 applicants who were previously denied entrance to the school.

In film…

Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee Dies

The real-life Marvel superhero¬†Stan Lee has died¬†at age 95. One of the men behind blockbuster hits such as “Iron Man,” “Black Panther,” “X-Men,” “Thor,” etc., Lee revolutionized the world of comic books as we know it.

In music…

Official Cause of Mac Miller’s Death: Accidental Overdose

A toxicology report from the LA County Coroner concluded that 26-year-old rapper Mac Miller died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl and cocaine. Read more in¬†Autumn Miller’s report¬†for CMN.

In sports…

Dez Bryant to Sign With New Orleans

Former Dallas wideout Dez Bryant has signed on for one year with the New Orleans Saints ‚ÄĒ with eyes set on the Super Bowl. Read more in¬†Tom Spurling’s report¬†for CMN.

Trending today…


Even after the very dangerous #TidePodChallenge, Tide doesn’t seem to have learned their lesson. The company’s latest project¬†bears an uncanny resemblance to¬†boxed wine.

Last but not least…

Album Review: Brockhampton ‚ÄėIridescence‚Äô

“An album divided into two distinct halves, the band explores new sonic territory and tackles emotional topics.” Read more in¬†Daysia Naima Cornish’s report¬†for CMN.

Tuesday’s¬†Morning Scoop was¬†made possible by¬†Natalia Kolenko,¬†Tom Spurling,¬†Autumn Miller,¬†Daysia Naima Cornish, and¬†the CMN Staff. A woman celebrated her¬†106th birthday at taco bell¬†‚ÄĒ a very fitting match for the company’s motto, “Live Mas!”

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Arizona Democrat

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