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Tuesday Scoop: Asylum Ban

ūü¶ÉPlus, let us introduce you to Peas & Carrots.

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Asylum Ban

Thousands of Central American migrants have just reached the U.S. border to seek asylum. (image: New York Times video)

The breaking story…

Judge Blocks Trump’s Asylum Ban for Illegal Immigrants

The first waves of the migrant caravan are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, including an¬†LGBTQ group¬†who were the first to arrive.¬†A¬†federal judge has¬†banned¬†the¬†¬†Trump administration’s plan to deny asylum to anyone in the caravan who enters the U.S. illegally. As the rest of the group makes its way to the border, many are being met with¬†anti-immigration protests in Tijuana. The country is waiting to see what will become of the thousands of migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. and how long it will take, especially since the 5,800 troops sent to the border will be¬†home by Christmas.

In gun violence…

4 Fatal Shootings, 1 Day

  • A shooting Monday afternoon left a police officer, a doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant, and the gunmen dead in¬†Chicago‚Äôs Mercy Hospital.
  • Four people were found dead¬†after being shot¬† in a house basement in¬†southwest Philadelphia. No arrests have been made and no weapons have been recovered.
  • One person is dead and four others are injured in a shooting that took place in¬†downtown Denver¬†yesterday. No arrests have been made.
  • A woman was sexually assaulted and then fatally shot in a Catholic Supply store¬†outside St. Louis, MO. The suspect is still at large.

Check back later on CMN for more coverage of these developing stories.

In the White House…

Ivanka Trump Used Personal Email for Government Business

News has just broken that first daughter Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails regarding government business from her personal email account. Sound familiar? Hillary Clinton probably thinks so too.

In the newsroom…

CNN Requests Emergency Hearing After Threats to Revoke Acosta’s Press Pass

CNN’s Jim Acosta has his press pass back (again). Read more about it in¬†Britney Hoobraj’s report¬†for CMN.

In equal rights…

The Equal Rights Amendment May Finally Become Law

It is a little-known (or long-forgotten) fact that the Equal Rights Amendment was passed by Congress in 1972 but has yet to be ratified by three-fourths (38) of the states. Some people think that Virginia may be the last piece of the puzzle.

In Ohio…

Ohio Considers the Death Penalty for Abortion

Ohio legislature is considering a total ban on abortion by punishment of a life sentence or even the death penalty.

In women’s rights…

First Woman to Qualify for Special Forces Training

The first woman to qualify for special forces training, since special forces jobs were opened up to women in 2016, is on her way to possibly becoming the first female green beret.

In sports…

Rams Beat the Chiefs in Highest-Scoring Monday Night Game

The Rams beat the Chiefs 54-51 last night in the¬†highest-scoring “Monday Night Football” game ever.

In art…

Famously Stolen Picasso Painting Found ‚ÄĒ Or Was It?

A Dutch writer and a journalist discovered a¬†long-missing Picasso painting¬†under a tree in a snow-covered Romanian forest. Sound too good to be true?¬†That’s because it was.

Trending today…

Peas & Carrots

The two turkeys competing for the presidential pardon are getting the star treatment, while they wait for the moment of truth. Who would you pick ‚ÄĒ peas or carrots?

Last but not least…

Luke’s English Podcast: Music and Culture-Punk

Check out this¬†very English take on one of societies‚Äô most chaotic cultural movements in¬†Cody Ayers’ report¬†for CMN.

Tuesday’s¬†Morning Scoop was¬†made possible by¬†Natalia Kolenko,¬†Britney Hoobraj,¬†Cody Ayers,¬†and the CMN Staff.¬†This Thanksgiving could be the coldest on record for some areas of the U.S. Check out¬†what kind of weather you’ll be having¬†this Turkey Day.

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Asylum Ban

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