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Tuesday Scoop: Harvard Lawsuit

Plus, Meghan and Harry aren’t the only ones expecting.

The big story…

Harvard’s Affirmative Action Lawsuit

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Harvard Lawsuit

The Harvard admissions process is on trial. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

In a lawsuit that was filed in 2014 — yes, you read that right — a court is examining the fairness of Harvard University’s secretive admissions process, particularly in regards to Asian American applicants. The case finally went to trial this month and may be there for a while as the defense brings forth evidence that the plaintiffs, a group of Asian American applicants rejected by Harvard, were disadvantaged in the admissions process. Recently the judge presiding over the trial has come into the public eye as it was pointed out that she herself was rejected from Harvard. The trial is proving to be very interesting as the public learns more and more about how this prestigious institution whittles down its applicant pool of over 40,000 to an incoming class of less than 2,000. Although nothing is conclusive yet, there has been evidence to suggest that the school does give preference to legacy applicants, particularly those with big donor parents, and there may be some discrimination going on in regards to how Asian American applicants are characterized in terms of their personality traits. This case is important and interesting not only because it’s giving the world a look into the unknown application screening process at an elite school but also because it may change the course of affirmative action if it is proved that diversity is being prioritized only for certain races and discriminating against others.

In religion:

Bible Museum Discovers Several Dead Sea Scrolls Are Fakes

The Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. discovered that five artifacts thought to be fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls are fakes. CNN reports, “German-based scholars tested the fragments and found that five “show characteristics inconsistent with ancient origin and therefore will no longer be displayed at the museum.” Concerns over the authenticity of the artifacts were brought up in a CNN article published last November at the same time the museum was scheduled to open. Scholars believe these forgeries could be the biggest scam in biblical archeology since the 2012 “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” scandal.

In weather:

Rome Suffers an Epic and Unusual Hail Storm

On Sunday night Rome suffered a freak storm that brought torrential rains and gigantic hail, flooding the streets of the city. Schools were closed and cars abandoned amidst the overflowing streets littered with massive chucks of ice.

Developing stories:

Trending today:

Amy Schumer Announces Her Pregnancy

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer announced her pregnancy in typical Amy Schumer fashion and while encouraging people to vote. Who wore it better the Duchess of Sussex or the star of Trainwreck?

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Harvard Lawsuit

Last but not least…

Bands as Soccer Teams and Soccer Teams as Bands

Bands F.C. has created a new way to appreciate your favorite bands by combining the worlds of music and sports. Started by two designers, Bands F.C. is for music and soccer lovers alike. Read more from Adrian Mejia for CMN.

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College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Harvard Lawsuit

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