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Tuesday Scoop: Homelessness Report

Plus, Scrooge hacks the UPS Twitter account.

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Homelessness Report
Despite a strong economy, homelessness is on the rise. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The big story…

Homelessness Rises in Spite of Strong Economy

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released its Annual Homelessness Report, showing a slight increase in homelessness for the second year in a row. The increase only amounted to 0.3 percent or about 550,000 people. The rise has been attributed to temporary displacement caused by natural disasters and rising rents in major cities. 

Thirty-one states saw a decrease in homelessness, while others, mainly those with high rent cities such as Seattle, saw an increase. One notable limitation is that San Francisco was excluded from the report. However, the report also showed promising trends like a decline in military veteran and youth homelessness.

In politics…

Congress Heads for Partial Shutdown

Unless the President and Congress can agree upon a spending deal by Friday, the government will be in partial shutdown by the weekend.

In #MeToo…

Les Moonves Not to Receive Full Exit Package From CBS

The former CEO of CBS, Les Moonves, who was accused of sexual misconduct, will not be receiving his full exit package of $120 million from the company. The board of directors for the CBS Corp. cited Moonves’ uncooperativeness and even interference into the investigation of allegations against him.

In the Russia investigation…

Michael Flynn to Be Sentenced Today

Today, Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn will be sentenced for lying to federal investigators. Flynn, who struck a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, will be receiving a lighter sentence, meaning likely not the typical six months in prison. Meanwhile two of Flynn’s business associates have been indicted for conspiracy to violate federal lobbying rules.

In New York…

Governor Cuomo Pushes for Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he will be pushing to legalize recreational marijuana in 2019, which would bring over $1.7 billion in sales annually. Read more in Britney Hoobraj’s report for CMN.

In Utah…

Utah to Enact the Strictest DUI Limit in the Nation

Utah has passed a measure to lower the legal blood alcohol content maximum for a driver from the national standard of .08 to .05. As the first state to do so, Utah is hoping that the new regulation will decrease drunk driving and especially drunk driving related deaths. The new regulation will be implemented just in time for New Year’s Eve.

In film…

Movies with Female Stars Win at the Box Office

new study shows that people are more willing to shell out money for a movie starring women rather than men. Unfortunately, female directors don’t seem to have the same affect — at least according to the Golden Globes.

Trending today…

The Grinch — I Mean UPS

UPS posted a “joke” on Twitter, which received immediate backlash and the deleting of the tweet. All we can say is that any letters to Santa should probably be shipped via FedEx.

Last but not least…

CMN Music Team: 2018 Best Of Lists

Take a look at the CMN Music Team’s best of 2018 lists broken down by writer.

Today’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Britney Hoobraj and the CMN Staff. A convicted deer poacher has been ordered to watch Bambi once a month for his year-long sentence. We don’t even know what to say.

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Homelessness Report

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