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Tuesday Scoop: Saudi Money in U.S. Colleges

Plus, a giant pumpkin and a coven of witches.



The big story…

There’s a Lot of Saudi Money in U.S. Colleges — And Some People Don’t Like It

Northwestern University has received $14 million from a Saudi research center since 2011. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

According to an AP report, the Saudi government has contributed over $350 million to 37 U.S. institutions of higher education in the past ten years. Schools that have benefited from this money include George Washington University ($73.7 million), George Mason University ($63.1 million), Tufts University ($41.9 million), Northwestern University ($14 million), and several others. Since the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, these sums have come under great scrutiny, as colleges and universities reconsider whether to accept the money which is often allotted for scholarships for Saudi students or research at the university.

In national news…

Pittsburgh Gunman Faces First Day at Trial

Robert Gregory Bowers made his first court appearance yesterday where he faces 29 charges and possibly the death penalty for opening fire in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing 11 people and wounding 6 others — the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the U.S. (Read our coverage of the massacre in yesterday’s morning scoop.)

President Trump is set to visit the city today, despite resistance from the Jewish community and the mayor of Pittsburgh. Many people have connected Trump’s often polarizing rhetoric to the perpetrator, who voiced anti-Semitic sentiments on the social network Gab (which has been taken offline).

In other national news…

Thousands of Troops Will Meet the Migrant Caravan

Over 5,000 active-military troops are being sent to the U.S./Mexico border by the end of this week in response to the caravan of Central American migrants heading for the U.S. The New York Times reports, “The massing of American troops comes as Mr. Trump has seized on the caravan as a closing political message in the final week before the midterms, warning darkly — and without evidence — that ‘Middle Eastern’ people are part of a dangerous mob of migrants threatening to surge into communities here.”

The caravan of 3,500 migrants, which was once comprised of 7,000, is still weeks away from the border, drawing criticism that Trump is deploying troops as a sign of strength before the midterm elections in two weeks. Yesterday, Newsweek published that there may actually be as many as 14,000 troops at the border in what’s been termed “Operation Faithful Patriot.”

In weather…

A Flood in Venice

Yesterday Venice, Italy experienced its highest tide in ten years in the city’s fourth highest flood on record. Tourists have continued trudging on cautiously through the canal city, which is currently knee deep in water. Elsewhere in Italy five have died as rivers flooded and trees were brought down by gale force winds. The government is advising people to halt their travels with the growing concern that there may be more flooding later this week. This is the second unusual weather event to happen in Italy this week. Click here to read more about how Rome became covered in chunks of ice.

In technology…

Apple to Release New Products Today

Today, Apple will be unveiling new iPad and Mac products, with new features including FaceID.

In equal rights…

Google Employees Are Planning a Walkout

On Thursday, Google employees will be participating in a walkout to protest the company’s handling of sexual misconduct. About 200 employees are planning to participate in what’s been termed the “women’s walk.” The walk will take place exactly a week after the New York Times report about Andy Rubin, the “Father of Android,” who left the company in 2014 with a $90 million exit package despite an accusation of sexual misconduct. In an effort to apologize, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email admitting that Google has let 48 employees go since 2016 because of allegations of sexual misconduct.

In film…

Newest ‘Halloween’ Breaks Records

The latest movie in the “Halloween” series is now the second highest grossing film of the franchise. This is especially awesome considering it was also the biggest horror movie opening with a female lead — go Jamie Lee!

In music…

Mac Miller Tribute Concert Livestreaming Tomorrow

The “Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life” concert will be held in Pittsburgh this Wednesday and livestreamed across the world. The concert will feature many headliners including Chance the Rapper and Travis Scott. The even will also be the launch of the Mac Miller Circles Fund which will support Pittsburgh youth in the arts and community building in the area.

Trending today…

A Giant Pumpkin and a Coven of Witches Take to the River

A man paddled around York, U.K. in what might be the largest pumpkin boat ever, while a coven of witches exchanged their brooms for paddles in Portland, OR. Spooky stuff!

Last but not least…

How to Get Into Jimi Hendrix

Maybe your favorite new discovery is actually an old classic. Read more about the true giant of rock and roll in Alima Sanni’s report for CMN.

Tuesday’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Alima SanniNatalia Kolenko, and the CMN Staff. ICYMI “Clueless” is, like, totally getting a remake

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Grace Cooper is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where she studied Nonfiction Writing and Psychology. When she's not obsessively reading or writing about the news, you can probably find her eating too much pizza and watching When Harry Met Sally for the hundredth time.

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