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Tuesday Scoop: Woodstock Canceled

☕Plus, time for coffee.

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Woodstock Canceled
The 50th anniversary of the famous music festival has been canceled. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The big story…

Woodstock 50 Organizers Cancel Event

The Woodstock 50 festival was supposed to be the music festival to end all music festivals. Concert goers would have the chance to participate in a recreation of the famous 1969 festival, except this time with Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z. Set to take place in August near the site of the original Woodstock in upstate New York, investors and event organizers are now reportedly canceling the event, because it will not be ready in time. (Although CNN is saying not so fast.) It seems that Woodstock 50 did not want to have a repeat of the Fyre Festival—and who can blame them. 

In national news…

Measles Outbreak Surpasses 700 Reported Cases

Over 700 cases of measles have been confirmed as the disease continues to spread across the U.S. federal health officials said Monday. The New York Times reports, “In New York, an epicenter of the outbreak, city officials closed two more schools for Orthodox Jewish children for failing to comply with an order to exclude unvaccinated children.” In California, two universities were placed under quarantine due to possible exposure to the virus. The outbreaks in New York City and New York State are the worst since measles was eliminated in 2000.

In global news…

Canadian Conservatives and Greens Gaining Steam in Prince Edward Island Elections

Center-right conservatives and liberal environmental greens had a successful night on Tuesday, April 23 when voters in the Canadian Atlantic province of Prince Edward Island went to the polls for their provincial legislative assembly elections. The center-right Progressive Conservatives won a majority with 12 seats and the liberal Green Party will take over as the official opposition with 8 seats. The Liberal Party will have 6 seats and the New Democratic Party will have zero seats despite having more than 2,400 votes. Read more in Duane Paul Murphy’s report for CMN.

In higher education…

BYU Valedictorian Comes Out in Graduation Speech

The valedictorian of the political science department at Brigham Young University, Matthew Easton, 24, announced in his graduation speech that he was “proud to be a gay son of God.” In an interview with the Washington Post, Easton said that he was inspired by presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. Although the Mormon Church no longer considers people in same-sex marriages apostates, same sex relationships are still against the honor code at BYU

Trending today…

Dorito Tragedy

It’s nacho fault.

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Woodstock Canceled

Last but not least…

Avengers: Endgame Review (Spoilers)

It is finally here: the epic finale all Marvel fans have been awaiting. An epic finale totaling a $1.2 billion box office gross globally in the opening weekend. With a 21-movie build-up, countless creatures laid to rest, and tons of chuckles, Avengers: Endgame was nothing short of the perfect conclusion. Read more in Adam Shay’s review for CMN.

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College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Woodstock Canceled

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