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Wednesday Scoop: Early Voting

Plus, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

The big story…

Millions of People Have Already Voted in the Midterm Elections

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Early Voting

Researchers think it could be a record-breaking election for voter turnout. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

Over 7 million people have participated in early election voting, meaning voter turnout is definitely on the rise. Although there may be more Republican than Democratic votes — because early and absentee voters are often part of the older demographic — this is a record number for all parties including independents. Political science researcher Michael McDonald told the New York Times that if this pattern continues we could see record voter turnout numbers as high as 50 percent. For context, the last time voter turnout was even close to that high was in 1966 when 48 percent of voters showed up at the polls. With more voters, the election could be unprecedented — and also unpredictable.

In weather…

Hurricane Willa Hits Mexico’s West Coast

Powerful hurricane Willa made landfall Tuesday near Isla Del Bosque, Sinaloa on Mexico’s western coast. CNN reports, “The Category 3 storm will quickly weaken over the next 24 hours as it makes its way across the Sierra Madre range and becomes a rainmaker for northern Mexico and Texas on Wednesday.” Willa is expected to bring life-threatening storm surges, rain and wind. While once a Category 5 hurricane, Willa has weakened before landfall but still has maximum sustained winds of 120 mph.

In national news…

An Explosive Device Was Found at George Soros’ Home

An explosive device was found in the mailbox of philanthropist George Soros’ home in a suburb of New York City. The police were able to safely detonate the makeshift bomb and have opened an investigation into who could have planted it there. Read more in Erin Whitten’s report for CMN.

In transportation…

China Opens the World’s Longest Sea Bridge

China has built the world’s longest sea crossing bridge, spanning 34 miles and connecting  Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhai. The $20 billion project was made to withstand earthquakes and typhoons and also includes an underwater tunnel and two artificial islands. Although the structure is seen as an engineering marvel by many, others view it as political propaganda that came at a high cost.

In sports…

The Red Sox Take the First World Series Game

The Red Sox beat the Dodgers 8-4 in the first game of the World Series. Tune in for another game tonight in this highly anticipated rivalry.

In more national news…

Sandra Day O’Connor Withdraws From Public Life

Sandra Day O’Connor has released  a letter revealing her dementia diagnosis and her decision to withdraw from public life. Just hours later, all sitting members of the Supreme Court released statements honoring O’Connor and her legacy as the first woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

In history…

Archaeologists Discover the World’s Oldest Shipwreck

The world’s oldest and intact shipwreck has been discovered in the Black Sea off the coast of Bulgaria. Because of the lack of oxygen in the water, the Greek merchant ship has been well preserved for over 2,400 years.

Trending today…

The “‘Twilight’ Renaissance”

The internet is transforming what was once an embarrassing guilty pleasure into unashamed, nostalgic fandom. That’s right, the “Twilight” fanaticism is back and stronger than ever in what’s been termed the “‘Twilight’ Renaissance.” However, the 2018 take on these stories — six years after the last installment of “The Twilight Saga” — has brought with it some controversy.

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Early Voting

image: thebidetective/Tumblr

Last but not least…

The Garden Club of America Announces Scholarships

The Garden Club of America is accepting applications for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. The scholarships must be used to study or research an environmental or horticultural topic, such as garden history and design, landscape architecture, native bird habitats, pollination, etc. Read more in Britney Hoobraj’s report for CMN.

Today’s Morning Scoop was made possible byNatalia KolenkoBritney HoobrajErin Whitten, and the CMN Staff. Someone in South Carolina has claimed the $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot. But don’t worry, you’ll still have a chance to become outrageously wealthy during tonight’s Powerball drawing. It’s only $620 million but it’ll do, I guess.

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Early Voting

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