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Wednesday Scoop: Separation, Immigration, Confusion

Plus, Netflix debuts ‘Strong Black Lead’ ad.

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for June 27, 2018. Keep reading for updates on the immigration fiasco, travel ban, and a shocking primary result. Yesterday, our team was thinking about Terry Crews’ testimony,  the World Cup and movies, movies, movies

Judge Orders 30-Day Family Reunification

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Separation, Immigration, Confusion

Children are scattered at detention facilities across the US (Image: Reuters video screenshot)

A California judge has ruled that families separated at the border must be reunited within 30 days and children under five must be back with their families within 14 days. How exactly the reunifications will happen — with nearly 2,000 children scattered in facilities across the country — remains unclear.

The ruling also raises the question of whether the families, once reunited, can legally be held in the United States. Given that US Customs and Border Patrol officials are no longer detaining new immigrants who try to cross the border illegally, and the confusion over exactly what the current policy is only grows deeper.

To make matters worse, the House is expected to try to drag immigration legislation — which everyone from President Trump to lawmakers who are working on the bill expects to fail — to a vote today.

Travel Ban Upheld by SCOTUS

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday to uphold President Trump’s travel ban.

CNN reports, “The ruling was 5-4 along partisan lines, with Chief Justice John Roberts writing for the conservative majority. The ruling sends a strong message that Trump has broad powers under immigration law to act to protect national security…”

This is the third version of the ban, which was issued in September after previous bans had bounced from court to court. The ban – which restricts entry from seven countries including Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Venezuela – faced challengers, like the state of Hawaii, who said Trump exceeded his authority when establishing it. 

CMN’s Brandon Walker has all the details in his report. 

Shock Result in New York Primary Sounds Alarm Bells for Democrats 

Top House Democrat Joe Crowley was stunned in primary upset by progressive challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, making her first run for office. The 28-year-old Ocasio-Cortez will likely be easily elected in November as New York’s 14th District, which includes parts of Queens and the Bronx, is overwhelmingly Democratic.

Crowley, who had won 10 previous terms to the House, congratulated his opponent and pledged to support her, but the victory will likely serve as a wakeup call to established male Democratic politicians that the party’s very liberal, female base is clearly a major politcal force.

Ocasio-Cortez is member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and raised only $250,000, while refusing any PAC money.

Today in a Tweet

The World Cup knockout stages are taking shape and here’s a prediction on the final… 

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Separation, Immigration, Confusion

Last But Not Least: Netflix Debuts ‘Strong Black Lead’ Ad

Netflix launched a new ad campaign highlighting black Netflix creators this past Sunday.

In an effort to support original black content, black executives at Netflix introduced “Strong Black Lead” (@strongblacklead) across social media platforms.

The video ad was aired during the 2018 BET Awards, which annually celebrates the successes of African Americans and other minorities in the entertainment business.

Tamia Heard has all the details in her piece for CMN. 

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College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Separation, Immigration, Confusion

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