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Thursday Scoop: Biden Time

🎞️Plus, Airbnb is joining the TV game?

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Biden Time
Joe Biden, the most recent addition to the presidential race, is also a frontrunner. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The big story…

Former Vice President Joe Biden Announces Presidential Race

After months of hesitation and an accidental announcement, Joe Biden is officially throwing his hat into the ring for 2020. He announced his campaign in a video posted to social media, alluding to Trump as a threat to democracy but not talking about any specific policies he wanted to push. This is Biden’s third ever presidential campaign, and, although he only joined hours ago, he is also a frontrunner.

In national news…

Texas Executes Second Killer of James Byrd Jr.

A man who participated in the killing of James Byrd Jr. – considered one of the worst hate crimes in modern history – was executed through injection Wednesday at a Texas prison. CNN reports, “John William King, 44, was one of three men convicted for the murder. He is the second person to die for the crime that made news around the world and helped inspire Congress to pass federal hate crime legislation.” King was pronounced dead at 7:08 p.m. local time at Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville.

In TV…

Netflix Fights to Keep Most Popular Shows

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix is struggling to keep popular shows, particularly older ones like Friends and The Office. (Remember when the streaming service paid $100 million just to keep Friends?) Netflix licensed these shows originally from the studios that made them, but now those studios have created their own services and want their shows back. This may be a problem for Netflix. Because, although the platform churns out lots of original content, its biggest seller is still The Office.

In sports…

Clippers Take Game Six From Warriors

In an exciting finish, the underdog Clippers bruised it out and walked away with a 129-121 victory against the two-time reigning champs. Aside from their tremendous field goal percentage, free-throw efficiency nailed the coffin as the Clippers shot 24-26, an unthinkable 92.3 percent. Read more in Adam Shay’s report for CMN.

Trending today…

The Year 3000

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Biden Time

Last but not least…

Autumn Miller Three Questions

Participants in our Music Journalism Course are answering three questions related to music and writing. Once they respond, they post three questions for someone else. It keeps going like that. You can see all the questions and answers here. Tag, you’re it. Charlotte Kohlberg  posed three questions for Autumn Miller after she answered three questions from Alessandra Guaneri. Read more here.

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College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Biden Time

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