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Tuesday Scoop: Another Vehicle Attack in London

Plus, It was Just a Summer Fling

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for August 14, 2018. Another vehicle attack has London on edge this morning. Yesterday, we covered news of abuse allegations against a Minnesota congressman involved today’s primary elections

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Car Crash Outside Parliament in London Called Terrorist Incident

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Another Vehicle Attack in London

Police block streets in front of the Houses of Parliment (Image: NBC Video)

A car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament in London this morning, and the driver was arrested on “suspicion of terrorist offenses,” according to a statement from the London Metropolitan Police.

Three people were injured in the incident — none considered life-threatening — which is the latest in a string of vehicle-based attacks in the British capital.

According to the Associated Press, “Armed police swooped into the area after the incident was reported at 7:37 a.m., arresting the car driver and cordoning off streets surrounding the heart of Britain’s government. The nearby Westminster subway station was closed, and police asked people to stay away from the area.”

Sixth Firefighter Dies as Terrible Wildfire Summer Stretches on

A firefighter from Utah was injured while fighting the Mendocino Complex fire in California yesterday, airlifted to a local hospital and later died from his injuries. The fatality is the sixth among those battling multiple blazes across the state.

The Mendocino fire was officially designated the largest in state history last week, and along with the Carr fire, has burned hundreds of thousands of acres and claimed multiple civilian lives.

One small bright spot was the news that Yosemite National Park will re-open today, following a two-week closure because of smoke and fires in and around the park. Visitor bureaus and park officials are estimating that nearly $50 million in combined tourism dollar losses will result from the shutdown, which came at the height of tourist season.

Turkey’s Currency Plunge Spurs Fear of a new Global Financial Crisis

Turkey’s currency, the lira, plunged to new lows Monday, and with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s refusal to abandon his unorthodox economic methods, investors are worried of a new global financial crisis.

The Washington Post reports, “Turkey and other countries that borrowed freely when dollars were plentiful and cheap now face soaring debt payments they may no longer be able to make. Such worries mounted as the plunging lira dragged down currencies in developing countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Mexico and Indonesia.

Turkey’s struggles have worsened due to President Trump’s decision to double tariffs on imported Turkish metals in an attempt to punish Erdogan for refusing to free an American pastor held on terrorism-related charges.

Today in a Tweet

Lots of #BachelorinParadise drama over on the Twitter this morning…

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Another Vehicle Attack in London

CMN Vibes: It was Just a Summer Fling

The summer fling: the perfect storm of being in the right place at the right time, combined with downtime and enjoyable weather.

We’ve all had them – or at least imagined them. Whether it was due to a bad break-up or a mutual understanding to part ways before the semester starts, all summer flings must unfortunately come to an end. Your significant other may no longer be around, but that’s not always a bad thing — music will always be there for you.

CMN’s Nia Tariq captured all the feels in her amazing playlist. Get your speakers ready, let the shower run extra hot, and belt this playlist out whenever no one’s around. We won’t judge.

Wednesday’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Duane Paul MurphyNatalia KolenkoNia Tariq, and the CMN Staff. We’ve got Aretha, the Queen of Soul, in our thoughts today. 

College Media Network Tuesday Scoop: Another Vehicle Attack in London

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